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Omega Custom Guns (OCG) is a fully equipped and licensed
Gunsmith shop  dedicated to service, modify and customize
competition and target handguns, shotguns and rifles, in
order to make them more reliable, fun to shoot and most  
importantly... SAFE .
Your Best Alternative

At OCG we are  committed to customer
satisfaction. We will go the extra mile to
offer you experience, quality
workmanship, affordability and short
lead times.

As your best option we, at OCG, believe
that a gunsmith must be the subtle
combination of a tireless craftsman, an
excellent machinist , a creative artist and
an accomplished shooter. The results
will speak for themselves: you will be the
owner of a masterpiece with which you
can shoot, compete and enjoy.
A very high percentage of  malfunctions in a
competition pistol is due to feeding and
extraction. Of course, a properly tuned set of
magazines are  essential to achieve maximal
performance. We address the extraction
problem by carefully tuning the extractor and
ejector relationship, and using our angled
scope base.

This Video shows a 9mm major Open pistol
cycling a 10 round magazine. Notice the
pistol's fast recovery, due to our special
compensator chamber design.  
Also pay attention to the spent brass being
consistently extracted, thanks to our angled
scope base, which is designed to leave  the
ejection port  completely clear of the
obstruction older base designs  showed.